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Q: What is the time inbetween delivery & redelivery for?

A: Check out is starting at 08:00 in the morning of the ending day and not later, in order to prepare the boat for the next charter. Customers should re-deliver the boat in the same condition as on delivery. In case the yacht is not re-delivered to the port of disembarkation, charges should apply to cover the transfer and petrol fees. During check out, only skipper and co skipper should be on the boat in order to check the yacht easier. All other passengers with their luggage should be out of the boat.After check out, the charterer (skipper) signs the re-delivery form and mention that everything was under their satisfaction and there are no further complains for the yacht and the staff. We require this time (from 08:00-17:00) between charters to do the necessary cleaning/maintenance/service on the vessels.

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Customers suggested routes

  • One week sailing from Alimos Marina

Mr. Guido Remmert,sailed out from Alimos Marina on May 12th 2012 for one week cruise with wind force 5-6B N, NW and followed a route combining Saronic Gulf, East Peloponese coast and SW Cyclades.

You can find the route here
  • Four weeks Athens - Rhodes - Athens

The crew of Mr. Eckhard Wittek started on May 28th 2011 from Alimos Marina on board GALAXY, the Beneteau Cyclades 50.5, aiming to follow a route from Athens to Rhodes and return to Athens in four weeks time.
Distance covered:
Fron Alimos Marina to Rhodes: 355 nm
From Rhodes to Alimos Marina: 365 nm
Follow the complete route here.
  • One-way trip Corfu (Marina Gouvia) - Athens (Marina Alimos)

2011: Started on August 27th from Marina Gouvia in Corfu, Guido and Silvia Remmert on board of Oceanis 37/2011 followed a route through Southern Ionian (Kefalonia, Lefkas, Ithaca), Patras Gulf (Patra, Trizonia) and Corinthian Gulf (Galaxidi, Kiato, Vrahati-not so nice), passed through Corinth Canal to a well protected bay (Sophikos or Korfos) to Saronic Gulf (Aegina) ending in Alimos Marina on September 10th. The trip was 450sm.
Their suggestions for where to stop and what to see, as well as itinerary from Plotter are at the following link: Two weeks sailing from Corfu to Athens
  • Round trip from Athens (Marina Alimos)

In 2008, Guido and Silvia Remmert on board Sun Odyssey 36i, started on May 10th for a two weeks round trip from Alimos Marina. According to their testimonial, they shouldn't suggest the specific route that was followed because they needed to pick up 2 friends in Alimos Marina on the 4rth day of their cruise.You can follow their route at the following link:
Two weeks round trip from Alimos Marina

  • Two weeks round trip from Santorini

Mr. Rolf Janicke and crew sailed out from Santorini, Vlyhada port, on 18.06.2011 for a two weeks round trip in Cyclades. They marked out the route they followed within this two weeks period in the Central Cyclades area. See the map here