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Q: How provisioning can be organized?

A: In most of the yacht bases, supermarkets are in the port or in a walking distance. Supermarkets are open on Saturdays and Sundays during summertime, but in order to avoid any problems, if you are landing late on Saturday or if you just want to make things easier on your first day, we can organize your provisions in advance. You should just send us your provision list filled in before your arrival (at least one week before).
Kindly notice that apart from food and drinks, you should buy cleaning materials (ie soap, dish washing liquid)

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Sailing in Dodecanese

  • Rhodes, Mandraki

  • Rhodes

  • Symi

  • Karpathos

  • Nissyros

  • Chalki

The Dodecanese island complex is located at the southeastern part of Greece. It is the crossing point of sea, sun and strong winds that allure all senses and offer visitors unique experiences.

As the sea-songs praise earthly heavens, you reach Lipsi, an island with white, sandy beaches and Leros, with the deep, leeward, natural harobours, home of Artemis, ancient goddess of hunting. The waves then, lead you to Kalymnos, the ''island of sponges".

Light and colours are never enough, as you reach Kos, island of Hippocrates, father of medicine and set anchor at its perfectly structured marina. Mountains Dikaio and Simbatro, add to the versality of the landscape. The "colourful Dodecanese painting" continues to awaken all senses at the sight of the black rocks of Nissyros, contradicting the white houses with the vividly coloured doors and windows.

The journey continues at the delicate beaches, little coves and crystal clear waters of Tilos, Symi and Halki. The breathtaking view makes you beleive that mermaids will come and whisper to you songs and tales from the sea.

Time stops as you become part of history at Rhodes, the "island of Knights". Anchoring at the Mandraki marina, you realize that past and present are in perfect harmony with the island's beauty. Next you stop at the border island of Kastelorizo, where the soul becalms. Onwalds, you sail to the little harbours at the island of Karpathos. There, you are fascinated by the contrasting mountains, valleys, flatlands, coves and endless beaches.

The nautical promenade goes on in the Dodecanese, when suddenly your eyes are caught by the rocky island of Kassos. Approaching the island of Astypalaia, you are instantly amazed by its spectacular figure. The beautiful images of the Venetian castle and the white settlements certify that true splendour is timeless. Into the blue of the sea and sky, you shall find the island of Patmos. Docking at the port, located in a secure bay, you will be seduced by the wonderful pebbled beaches shining under the bright sun.

The Dodecanese complex is an imagery of exceptional brilliance. A nautical route set directly to your heart and soul.

Don't miss

  • The cave of the Apocalypse and the monastery of Agios I. Theologos at Patmos
  • The butterflies of Lindos in Rhodes
  • The Eristos beach in Tilos
  • The aquatic reserve of Psalidi in Kos
  • The islet of Ro, opposite Kastelorizo
  • Scuba diving in the beautiful underwater of Kalymnos
  • Traditional foods from Kassos
  • The Panormos cove in Astypalaia
  • Swiming at Kyra Panagia, Ahata and Ambela in Karpathos
  • The Katsouni caves at Nissyros
  • The nautical museum at Symi
  • The two caves at Kelia and Amiglai in Halki
  • Partheni, the little fish village of Lesvos
  • The Katsavia cove in Lipsi
Source: GNTO edition 2010
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