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Q: What is the yacht charter cancelation policy?

A: In the event of yacht charter cancelation, the following cancelation fees apply:
1. For bookings cancelled more than 90 days before embarkation:  Cancelation fees Euro 150
2. For bookings cancelled between 90 days to 31 days before embarkation: First payment 50% is retained
3. For bookings cancelled less than 30 days before embarkation: Full payment 100% is retained
If the yacht is rented again in the same period and under same conditions, cancelation fees will be refunded.
For your own interest, you are strongly advised to take an appropriate holiday insurance which will cover your losses in an undesired cancellation case.

Ionian Charter reserves the right to refund charterer payments only if succeeds in letting the Yacht to another Charterer for the same period and under the same conditions. In the event that the Charterer should elect to terminate the charter and deliver the Yacht prior to the date designated in this Agreement, the Owner shall not be liable to the return of any proportional part of the hire money.

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Suggested sailing itineraries

  • Delos, Temple of Isis

  • Mykonos, windmills

  • Delos, Three Lions

Sailing in Cyclades from Athens/Lavrion or from a Cycladic island

For a sailing cruise in Cyclades, you can start from Athens (Marina Alimos) or Lavrion (Lavrions port).  There are also organized yacht bases in Paros and Syros. Depending on your travel plans and your specific requirements for your sailing holidays in Greece, we can also suggest other bases and routes.

When sailing in Cyclades, sailors often face strong north winds especially within Meltemi season (mid July to mid August). Winds within Meltemi season, start early with the morning sun until sunset and keep their force for 3-4days.
North winds are also faced in June and September, but they are not as strong as during July and August. Only in the South West Cycladic islands the winds have signifficantly lower force than all others.

We often suggest to start from Athens instead of Lavrion, when choosing a two weeks cruise, since the surounding area is more proteceted in case of strong winds. If you definately wish to sail in Cyclades, it is wise to choose a yacht over 40ft.

Cyclades area, is well advertised and with good reason. Cycladic islands took their name as a complex of islands around Delos, the ancient trade, political and religious centre.  Cyclades consist on 21 bigger and 20 snaller islands characterized by whitewashed houses, ancient ruins, beautiful sunny beaches, local small Greek tavernas with good food and wine.

Cyclades most important ones being Amorgos, Anafi, Andros, Antiparos, Delos, Ios, Kea, Kimolos, Kythnos, Milos, Mykonos, Naxos, Paros, Santorini, Serifos, Sikinos, Sifnos, Syros, Tinos, Folegandros, as well as the “Minor Cyclades” comprising Donousa, Irakleia, Koufonisia and Schinoussa.

With 4-6hours daily sailing, you can move from one island to the other and to discover the local architecture and traditions, history and natural beauty. If you are beginers in sailing, we should suggest to hire a professional skipper as they know the waters and nice places to take you to.  

A sailing cruise in Cyclades is characterized as moderate or difficult depending on the route you choose, but not expect to be easy.

You can find our suggestions for one week cruise and two weeks cruise in Cyclades. You are more than welcomed to contact us with your special requirements; we will be very pleased to assist you in planning your own cruise

Depending on your travel plans, we can suggest you itineraries for one week or two weeks cruise.