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Q: What time & date is the yacht delivery?

A: All charters begin at 17:00 on the day of departure (normally Saturdays) and typically end at 08:00 on the day of arrival (normally Saturdays). Our base manager, with the skipper and the co skipper of the group, will start the check in procedure following the briefing of the crew from a qualified member of Ionian Charter.The charterer (skipper) of the yacht has to sign the inventory list upon embarkation, after having checked carefully the equipment of the yacht.
Ionian Charter staff will give you all the useful information and instructions for a safe and pleasant trip.

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What our customers wrote to us after their sailing trip with Ionian Charter

  • E. Wittek - Skipper GALAXY

  • Dr. N.Brenig-Skipper CAPTAIN STATHIS

  • GALAXY V in Lefkas 2008 - A.Pommer

  • GALAXY III, Astypalaia, Agrolithi

  • A. Simonencov - ELENI 3-17/9/2011

  • A. Simonencov - Skipper ARION

  • A. Simonencov - ELENI 3-17/9/2011

Mr. Krasilnikov Ilia_Bali 4.3/2017_30.09.2017 - 07.10.2017_Alimos, Athens - Alimos, Athens

Dear IONIAN !!!

Thank you for the comfortable charter!

I really liked the new comfortable catamaran Bali 43. Check it fast and well.

The board is very clean.

Check out, also corresponded to the style of your company! With pleasure I will recommend to friends the captains to address to you !!!

With great respect


Mr. Giese Michael_Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 49/2005_23.09.2017 - 30.09.2017_Lefkas - Alimos, Athens 

Dear Maria Beka,

Thank you for asking us about our trip. We had a very nice sailing trip only this was unfortunately much too short. The area between Lefkas and Athen with the channel was nice, the ship was good and we had a good care from the charter base.

We are looking forward to the next year and will definitely be back in January at "boot" in Düsseldorf at "Ionian". We consider going to the Cyclades next year and I think that we will find something suitable by your boats :). I wish you have a successful season and look forward to a meeting in the next year.

Kind Regards,

Michael Giese

Mr. Dieter Behlich_Beneteau Oceanis 37/2013_23.09.2017 - 30.09.2017 Paros - Athens

Dear Maria,

As usual Ionian Charter got 11 points of possible 10. 

We had a fantastic week on the Ionian Sea and there is really nothing to criticize. May be, next time we can order a bit more wind for the first days and less the last one?

Thank you again for your perfect support! Next time when we plan to sail in Greece we will definitely ask you for a boat. I hope to meet you in Düsseldorf next January? 

Please send all my kind regards to Elena, Rabie and the rest of the Ionian team. 

Dieter Behlich

Mr. Daniel De Vos  16.09 - 23.09.2017  Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 479/2016  Lavrion - Lavrion

Hello Maria,

Yes, we were very happy with the  service rendered by you. The welcome at the base and check-in and chec-out procedures were very smooth.

I already filled out a feedback form when checking out.

Thank you all and I will surely contact you when we look out for a new vacation in Greece.


Daniel De Vos

Mr. Timo Hartmueller  02.09 - 09.09.2017   Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 449   Alimos, Athens - Alimos, Athens

Dear Ionian Team,

Thanks for the great time. The service and yacht was excellent.I never had such a quick and well organized check in and check out.The ladies on side did a great job.

The provision service was fantastic. Also the yacht was very nice and had very good equipment.

We really enjoyed the time.

Mr. Ayhan Ispalar  26.08 - 02.09.2017  Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 49  Lefkas - Lefkas

Dear Rabie,

All we thannk you for your support and kind attention during our trip.

We also thank to Periklis who is very polite gentleman and expert skipper.

Best Regards,

Ayhan Ispalar

Dr. Walter Strube  19. - 26.08.2017  Beneteau Oceanis 40  Lefkas - Lefkas

Dear Ionian Charter Team,

This is my feedback regarding above charter : everything was very good, i.e the yacht, organization at the base at Lefkas, check - in and check - out procedure.

One proposal for potential approval : a more detailed map for plotter.

Many Thanks for the great vacation in Greece.

Kind regards,

Walter Strube

Mr. Luigi Falorni  29.07 - 19.08.2017  Beneteau Oceanis 40  Lefkas - Lefkas

Dear Ionian Charter Team,

Everything was fine and we had a great holiday, thank you for your kind assistance.


Luigi Falorni

Mr. Andreas Attalide  29.07 - 05.08.2017  Lagoon 450  Lefkas - Lefkas


As you know Im extremely happy with the services that Ionian Charter offers as this is my second consecutive year as a client and I look forward to many more.

Maria Beka has been very helpful during the pre-trip period and she is extremely polite and helpful to anything we need prior to our trip.

The yacht was in excellent condition and we are very happy with both the captain Panos and our host Maria who have been professional, knowledgeable and helpful planning our trip, very friendly and blended well with our group.

Panos is a great captain and Maria a fantastic host and cook.

I would take any opportunity to recommend Ionian Charter to other firnds who are looking to have a similar experience.



Mr. Peter Wagner  22.07 - 05.08.2017  Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 49  Lefkas - Lefkas

Right beforehand, from the organization everything has worked out and we have been received by Ionian very friendly. The takeover of the yaht took place on the afternoon of the 22nd of June. It was in a good condition, very clean and functional in order - an old ship but well maintained.

Sails OK and easy to operate and the berths, sanitary facilities and facilities were in good condition.

Mr. Alin Misescu  22. - 29.07.2017  Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45.2  Alimos, Athens - Alimos, Athens


My feedback is 100% positive. The staff was amazing. Thank you.



Mr. Otto Weisleitner  15. - 29.07.2017  Beneteau Oceanis 45  Lefkas - Lefkas

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren!

Hiermit sende ich lhnen mein "feedback" zur charter 170178 Oceanis 45 "Christina".

Für uns alle war es ein wunderbarer Törn!

Erstmals gelang es mir, fünf Mitglieder von unserem "Segelclub Telfs" für einen Törn in Griechenland, mit einem Schiff von IONIAN YACHTING, zu begeistern! Die vielen Fotos unseres Törns werden wir natürlich bei einem unserer Clubabende zeigen. So ist es ziemlich wahrscheinlich, dass sich  in Zukunft mehrere Mitglieder unseres Segelclubs für eine Charter bei IONIAN entscheiden.

Einige Kleinigkeiten am Schiff bitte ich allerdings zu beheben:

1. Das Ankerlicht war defekt. Wir hätten dieses meinige Male benötigt!

2. Die Pumpen an Bord sind ziemlich laut!

Es bedankt sich unsere gesamte Crew für die vorzügliche Bedienung und ich verbleibe!

mit den besten Grüßen

und Freude auf Wiedersehen

Otto Weisleitner

Mr. Adi Yaron  22. - 29.07.2017  Beneteau Oceanis 38  Alimos, Athens - Alimos, Athens

Dear Maria,

Me and my family would like to thank you and all the stuff of Ionian charter for a great week, nice boat and good service. We enjoyed very much sailing in the saronic gulf and sure well use your company services in the future since we come to Greece almost every year.

Thanks again,


Mrs. Roberta Levy  10. - 24.06.2017  Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 469  Lefkas - Lefkas

On behave of all of us, we have had an exceptional holiday, Niko our captain has been extremely competent, efficient and knowledgeable and has made our experience an absolute PLEASURE!!!!!

Mr. Francesco Di Giorgio  08 - 15.07.2017  Beneteau Oceanis 45  Lefkas - Lefkas

Dear Ionian Crew,

Im back from my sailing holiday on your boat and Im happy to be able to tell you that I;m looking forward to sail with you again.

Indeed there were some issues, and I had to leave on Saturday for the base personnel to repair them, but I can understand that such things can happen. Most important is that is your colleagues (Nick in the office, and Aris and Papastefano  on the pier) were friendly and helpful and did what they could to solve said issues.

I handed over a positive feedback from and look forward to my next charter with you.

Best Regards,

Francesso Di Giorgio  

Mr. Werner Enoeckl  17.06 - 01.07.2017  Beneteau Oceanis 40  Lefkas - Lefkas

Dear Ionian Charter Team,

Many thanks for your kind notice. Of course I will send you my feedeback on this years charter in the Ionian Sea.

Lets keep this quite short... We were very pleased with everything from booking until check out in Lefkas. We were surpised that even the transport from the airport in Preveza to the Marina Lefkas was organized and so this was an extra relaxing start into our holidays.

Our boat "ARION" was in excellent condition, technically and also perfectly clean. We had an issue with the which needed to be fixed before we could start our sailing trip. Special thanks to Aris and also Elenis son whho helped us a lot to fix this.

All in all we had a very pleasant and relaxing holiday and will come back to you for sailing next year. In fact we consider chartering "ARION" once again. We got to like him :-)

Once again many thanks for your efforts and all the best,


Mr. Reinhold Kleindienst  10.6-17.06.2017   Bavaria 46  Lefkas - Lefkas

Dear Sirs,

We all spend a nice time in Greece. The charter was perfect. The yacht, the condition and the base, also check - in and check - out were perfect. We think, that we will come again next year.

Thank you for all!

Kind Regards,

Reinhold Kleindienst and Alfons Domenig

Mrs. Tsoulakidou Maria , cook for one of our charters

Καλημέρα σας,

Εύχομαι το μήνυμα μου να βρίσκει όλους, διοίκηση και προσωπικό της Ionian Charter πολύ καλά :)

Ονόμάζομαι Μαρία, ήμουν η cook τουυ Alina για το ναύλο που ολοκληρώθηκε την 1η Ιουλίου 2017 και ένοιωσα να ευχαριστήσω μέσα από την καρδιά μου αρχικά τη Μαρία για την εξαρχής πολύ όμορφη επικοινωνία και συννενόηση. Και φυσικά τη διοίκηση της εταιρίας που συναντάται στο όνομα της κ. Ελένης Βρυώνη, την οποία δεν είχα την τύχη να γνωρίσω, ωστόσο ακούω μονάχα τα καλύτερα τόσες μέρες για αυτήν. Σας ευχαριστώ θερμά για την ευκαιρία που μας δώσατε, αυτός ο ναύλος για μένα στέφθηκε επιτυχής από όλες τις απόψεις, συγχαίρω τον επαγγελματισμό των συνεργατών σαας, τη "γραμμή της εταιρείας", στην υποστήριξη του πληρώματος, εφοδιάστηκα με χαμόγελο, δύναμη και αισιοδοξία προσφέροντας τις υπηρεσίες μου σε αυτό το σκάφος!

Εύχομαι αυτό το στολίδι που λέγεται Alina, πλήρως εξοπλισμένο και εργονομικό, η χαρά της κάθε "εν πλω hostess" να είναι καλοτάξιδο.... πάντοτε ευνοημένοαπό ψηλά, πρίμα σε όλα τα ταξίδια του, ναύλα επιτυχή και αρμονικά!

Παραμένω πάντοτε στη διάθεση σας. Θα χαρώ να με υπολογίζετε ως εν δυνάμει crew σε ναύλους σας.

P.S Mrs. Aya Damary and her company including her husband Mr. Florent Scarpel, had her birthday on Saturday 1st of July so while their stay in the office until sailing with Alina, i spontaneously "made a cake" to welcome her in wishes as a "good luck" sign for the tripon behalf of the Ionian Charter company because I was so satisfied myself that it was the least I felt to do :) I hope you dont mind!! She loved the surprise and she is extra lovely herself! Καλές Θάλασσες!!!!    

Mr. Stoyanov  17.06 - 24.06.2017  Bali 4.3  Lefkas - Lefkas

Dear Ionian Charter Team,

I have the authority to provide you with the feedback on behalf of all members of our crew.

Indeed we are again highly satisfied with your services. The catamaran was very new, the equipment was excellent and fulfilled all our needs and even exceeded our expectations. The process of documentation, embarking and disembarking at port Lefkas was very swift and friendly, which we highly appreciated.

Last, but not least, our trip, our holidays would have never been as fantastic if it was not our skipper Stassi. We always felt very well protected, advised and taken care of. His personality and attitudetowards our children impress us for the second year.

We certainly look forward to our next sailing trip with you and remain with you.

Best Regards,

Deian Stoyanov, Managing Director

Mr. Enoeckl  24.09 - 08.10.2016   Bavaria 37  Corfu - Corfu

Dear Ms. Eleni and the Ionian Charter Team,

First of all a big thank you for your caring and for two wonderful and relaxing weeks of sailing holidays in the Ionian Sea.

We were very pleased with your services both with the office work and on site in Gouvia Marina. We were welcomed by Alexandra and her guys in a very cordial way. Everything was already prepared and the papers easily settled.

The yacht was in very good coondition - especially for a 9 years old Bavaria. I hardly ever encountered an engine room so neat and clean on an older boat. George from base staff took his time to explain everything very carefully. I always appreciate this because I want to be prepare for everything out at sea (although I never needed so far :-) ).

Altogether, we had a very pleasing holiday! Once again many thanks for your efforts and also for the charming treatment :-) We plan to come back to you for holidays next year!

Mr. Savvides  27.08 - 03.09.2016  Lagoon 500  Alimos, Athens - Mykonos

Dear Eleni and team,

First of all let me say that it was a pleasure meeting you and many thanks for the warm welcome and your willingness to assist in all matters relating to the charter.

Everything was fine with our trip except the weather which necessitated change of plans and an early arrival in Mykonos. The yacht was fine and precisely as advertised and so was the crew. The captain was very experienced and caring for all the passengers needs. Anna was a great cook who not only met but exceeded our expectations. Nikas was also very helpful throughout. Both families enjoyed the trip which was an unforgettable experience  for all of us.

I am on the plane to Larnaka now after a few additional days in Mykonos. 

Many thanks for all your help.  We are indeed looking forward to be given another opportunity to take a cruise.   We shall definitely recommend you if any friends want similar cruises.

Mr. Christofi  20 - 27.08.2016  Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 49  Lefkas - Lefkas

A trouble free week with Ionian charter!

The booking of the yacht was very efficient. We got a competitive price and the staff in Athens addressed our questions timely and efficiently.

The staff at the base in Lefkas was excellent as well. We quickly completed paperwork went through check in and sailed away around 2pm on Saturday. The same applied through check out!

Our yacht, Captain Stathis, was in very good condition. The engine gave us no trouble. The windlass was fast and powerful. There was lots of chain on the anchor which was helpful. The sails and running rigging were all good. More or less everything was in good working condition! 

Taking into account the age of the yacht and that we are approaching the end of the sailing season Captain Stathis exceeded my expectations with its overall condition and equipment! 

It was also great meeting Mrs Eleni in Fiscardo. We had a nice chat and my crew appreciated the two bottles of wine that she offered us.

I am very satisfied with your level of service and I will certainly inquire with your company for future charters.

Mrs. Schumacher  13 - 27.08.2016  Beneteau Oceanis 34  Lefkas - Lefkas

Dear Ionian Charter Team,

We are more than happy to share our recent experience with you, please feel free to use our comments the way you like!

Although we have charterd in numerous other locations, it was the first time for us in Greece and the first time with two people on the boat only. Naturally, with two persons, it is highly important that everything on the boat is in proper working condition. Contrary to big international charter agencies, the whole check - in process had a very personal touch and we enjoyed a very warm welcome.

It was also nice to actually meet the owner of the boat and you could tell that a lot of notice was given to even small details, which make life easier, when sailing with a minimum crew. The boat was very clean, well equipped (long anchor chain, more than enough mooring ropes, gangway etc.) and in excellent working order. The team was also helpful in organizing rental cars and transportation to the airport.

When we experienced a minor problem with the electronics on board, the charter base immediately responded to our request and had a specialist available. On our return to Marina Lefkas, people were already awaiting our arrival and helped with the mooring. The check - out process was very efficient, included refueling on our behalf.

Thanks again to all of you for making this a very pleasurable vacation! We are looking forward to chartering again with Ionian the next Time!

Mr. Zarudniy  06 - 20.08.2016  Beneteau Oceanis 45  Alimos, Athens - Alimos, Athens

I would like to say great thanks to all! We under a big impression of a travel.

Efstathios is the big professional, he has fascinated all our team.

Please send our thanks to Ionian Charter!

Thank you very much for your job!

Mr. Steyn  30.07 - 13.08.2016  Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 35  Lefkas - Lefkas


The correspondence with yourselves was good, no complaints, We had a fantastic 2 week sailing trip around the Ionians, the welcome was great and boat was well equipped with all necessary gear for that age of boat, nice to have all sheets and towels for 2 weeks.
Good pots and pans but lacked decent knives and prepping tools.


Mrs. Igel  23 - 30.07.2016  Lagoon 380 S2  Corfu - Corfu

All of us were extremely confident with our booking, the team at the base, check-in, condition of the yacht, dealing with our little problem we had at the beginning, equipment of the yacht...

All was perfect and you made this holiday to an extraordinary experience for all of us. We are looking forward to book again with you!

Mr. Nikolaides  23 - 30.07.2016  Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 49 Lefkas - Lefkas

Dear Rabie,

I trust all is well. I am just writting to say thank you for your help/assistance.

We had a great time in our trip and had the best skipper we could ask for (Captain Stathis). He made the trip even better!

Please pass my regards to Ms. Eleni.